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Hello Everyone!
I hope that someone can help me, when I connect my Nano (1st gen) to itunes, it starts to sync and I get the message "ipod (name) cannot be updated the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable" I have searched the discussions and all of the posts seem to be about similar error messages that mention itunes.exe or chkdsk, my message does not mention either. I have the latest versions of itunes and the ipod installer. Any suggestions?

Dell, Windows XP
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    I am having this same issue. It happened once and i just reset the ipod which meant i had to put back on 2000 songs, this was not a cool thing to do as i don't back up my songs....i'm relatively ignorant to this technology thing. I can use it but when problems arise i'm stuck. So now this is happening again, it's been a month since i resent and reloaded my songs. And yes, I will admit i download and not always from itunes. when i am playing songs on my computer with the ipod i'm also getting a message that says "the ipod cannot be updated the file or directory is unreadable or corrupted" so i cannot add anything new to this which is a pain as I'm a Middle eastern dancer and need to add new music to my ipod constantly. It's two different messages, one when i connect the ipod to the computer and itunes first opens and then in between songs when i'm playing it on my computer....someone help us...why is it doing this???