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HELP! I bought this sexy new iMac based on the salesman telling me that I could run Windows on it as well, all I had to do was install Windows. This assuming that I have the disc to install it, which I do. I put the disc in and there is nothing intuitive at all to assist with the install. Can anyone help??

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    You can start with Apple's Boot Camp software. It provides the resource for installing Windows in a HD partition, and makes the OS available at boot up.

    You can download Boot Camp here >>

    Another option is Parallels Desktop for Mac. This software allows you to install a copy of Windows and run it inside the Mac OS, freely switching back and forth between Windows and Mac without rebooting.

    More on Parallels here >>

    I hope this is helpful.
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    I just installed Windows XP on one of my Macs Today. In order to install Windows on your iMac, you will need virtualization software such as Parallels, or Apple's own Bootcamp. Parallels allows you to run Windows inside of Mac OS X, while Bootcamp allows you to choose which operating system you would like to boot up. So if you would like to stick with Apple Products then Bootcamp is for you.

    I am sure you can find alot of info in Apple Discussion's, as I always find what I am looking for.

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    Here's some info about VMware Fusion, which I like much better than Parallels.

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    Why do you like it much better than Parallels?

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    Although you mentioned that you have XP, for those that don't another solution might be:


    I have not used it myself yet, and it is beta like Fusion, however I have heard from some people who do like it. I am currently debating which of the solutions to try between Parallels, VM Ware, and Crossover Mac.

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    Fusion just seems to work better. It is all experiement to me just to learn more about using this Mac. I have no need for Windows! Parallels was always really quirky and I have not experienced any of that with Fusion.
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    Fusion is proabably great but it should be remembered that it is beta software so you want to use it with caution.

    That being said, I think I will check out the web site and see what Fusion is all about!

    EDIT: Oops, sorry , I see that someone already mentioned that!
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    Parallels is also Beta software, but it costs 80 US bucks! You pay them to help them work out the kinks in their software. Now that's a racket! Kind of like Microsoft.
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    Fusion will also cost you and they won't even tell you how much!! Talk about a rip off.

    I need to run IE and Autodesk and Fusion will not work with either of those from what I am reading unless I am missing something. From what I see you have to use their Virtual Appliances which are all open source and not what I need. It seem to be more designed for enterprise applications and not end users. Mayber I am wrong but it looks overly complex and, unfortunately, ill suited for my needs. It is really too bad because it looks like interesting software. However, I would never recommend it as it is overly complex for the average home user and requires that you be locked in to their software for your applications unless you are using it for a server. Parallels is an easy 10 minute install and then install Windows and it leads you through the process step by step with a simple GUI interface.. It also has technical support. Of course, it is beta and yes it does cost $79.99.

    Code Weavers and the Wine project may be more suited to my needs. Don't have to buy a $279.00 copy of Windows and it will run both IE and Autodesk. Of course it cost $59.99 if you want to use the final version. At leat the test version is free and good for 60 days which gives you time to determine its suitability and speed.

    I know Parallels would work but I still have to buy that lousy copy of Windows.

    Boot Camp would work but I still have to buy that lousy copy of Windows.

    I really should start a new topic as I explore these alternatives but I am not sure where to do it!
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    Like I said above, I have no need for Windows. I installed the trial of Parallels and found it to be quite an experience setting up Windows XP. It didn't recognize or work well with some of the Mac hardware, which has probably changed as they continue to develop the product.

    Perhaps the Parallels learning curve made installing Windows in Fusion an easier task. It worked with everything on my Mac from the start, iSight, printers, Bluetooth, my friend's iPod, etc. It uses the Apple drivers from the Boot Camp CD for the IR, Bluetooth, iSight, etc.

    I'm not familiar with your mentioned Windows software. I downloaded and installed things from the internet with no issues. At fullscreen it was no different Windows experience than with my friends HP Pavilion, except I could switch to Mac at a keystroke.

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