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Well I have one **** of a selection of music and movies on my computer. The only problem is that I can't seem to upload them to itunes (movies). I want to put some movies in itunes so I can put them into my ipod. I have the 60g video ipod running the newest version of itunes. I go to the videos section then fallow these steps File>>inport>> then select my source video from my computers hard drive and still no luck. Anyone know how I can do this or the reason why I can't. Please post on here or email me at primemas@hotmail.com Thank you

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    To upload videos to your iPod, they need to be in MPEG-3 or MPEG-4 format. You can upload some file types to iTunes such as .mpg and .mov and others, but not all. I suggest using Videora iPod converter. You can convert any file type to MPEG-4, which is what your iPod uses. Below is the link for the free download:


    Once you download it, open the program, set it up so that your converted files go to the folder you want (i.e. D:/MyVideos/ConvertedforIpod..or something). Click on convert, click on transcode new video, and browse for the video you want to convert. After it is done, find the converted file, drag and drop into iTunes Movies.

    Hope this helped

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    I second that! Videora! Free and works on everything I put in it. even stuff Windows Media wont open! MUST HAVE. Also.. Keep your stuff organized! make a folder where you want your stuff sent to thats been converted!!!!! Then you can add just that converted folder to itunes & Not the whole bunch!
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    oh man sweet thanks alot for the help and tips guys.
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    Thanks for the Videora tip. BUT...when I put the DVD in the drive and Videora prompts me to choose wheich file to convert I get stuck. There are several .VOB files on the DVD and I am not sure what to choose. The first two seemed to be the credits, etc.

    How do I choose which one to convert?