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I have always used my iPod to listen to music while I play games on my Xbox 360, until recently. My 360 no longer recognizes my iPod by name and it is just listed as something generic like external usb device and when I click on it there is no music on it. My iPod is otherwise fully functional when it is not connected to my 360 and my roomate's iPod still works fine with my 360 so i must have changed a setting or something, but I refuse to restore my iPod to factory settings and lose all my music. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm wondering if I should just go to settings, reset all settings. I'm reluctant to try this because I don't know if it will delete my music like if you restore your iPod. Any thoughts on any of this would be much appreciated.

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    You can reset the ipod without loosing music by holding down play and menu until the apple logo comes up. Not sure if it will solve the problem, but worth a try.

    Cheers, Razor
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    Thanks for the reply, I went to settings and then reset all settings and my 360 still doesn't recognize my iPod. Oh well, I guess I'll just put songs I want to hear on my roomate's iPod and use his while I'm gaming.
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    P -

    To be honest, i would not be surprised if in an update Microsoft disabled the ability to use an iPod with their XBox.

    I do not put it past Microsoft to do something that sleazy to try to put a Zune in your hands.

    If that is not the case, try to think about "what has changed" since the last time it worked. Did you recently update your iPod?
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    Yeah, I'm gonna try to get my roomate to not update his iPod so it will continue to work with the 360.
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    Is there some kind of Macintosh help line I could call? If you call 1-800-4MY-XBOX they will walk you through any Xbox related issues you may have. They couldn't really help me because the problem is with my iPod not my 360. My 360 recognizes my roomate's iPod and used to recognize mine until it started having issues.
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    Get this, I was fooling around and found a way to play songs from my iPod on my 360, sort of. When I click on portable device from my 360 or my iPod from my computer desktop three folders appear. Calendars, Contacts and Notes. If I drag songs from my iTunes library to any of these three folders within my iPod icon on my desktop, I can open that folder on my 360 and play the songs in it! The problem is that the sound quality is terrible and it doesn't use my iPod equalizer because things in these folders are not considered music so they are not treated like music when I click on them. In iTunes when I click on my iPod and it has a status bar showing my free space, music space, and other space on my iPod the songs that I put in the Notes folder show up in orange as taking up other space instead of music. Anyway this doesn't really solve my probem so I'm still open to suggestions and/or a number I can call for help.

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