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I made a mistake and uninstalled Quicktime from my computer. Now iTunes won't work for me. Since then I've uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes several times and it still doesn't work. Every time I open it up, it gives me that lovely system popup saying that iTunes has encountered a problem and needs to close.

The installation disc that came with it won't let me reinstall Quicktime, as the computer thinks that it already had a newer version installed, but when I go to check on that in the Add/Remove Program App. in the Control Panel, Quicktime doesn't exist on my computer. I've even gone to the pains of removing all traces of Quicktime from my registry, and still nothing.

I just reformatted my system, and I really would hate to do it again. Any help here?

Oh, btw, I'm not sure if my nano is a first or second gen, but I'm pretty sure it's a first gen. Anyone know how to tell these things?

Thinkpad A30p, Windows XP