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I recently knew that Tiger doesn't support iMac, any chance that it can with any other programs? Because if not the only way I see is to crack the program, and thats not really a good idea thought.


iMac, Mac OS X (10.3.9), G4
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    Mac OS X Version 10.4 requires a Macintosh with:

    * PowerPC G3, G4, or G5 processor
    * Built-in FireWire
    * At least 256MB of physical RAM

    * A built-in display or a display connected to an Apple-supplied video card supported by your computer

    * At least 3.0 GB of available space on your hard drive; 4GB of disk space if you install XCode 2 developer tools

    * DVD drive for installation (get CD media for $9.95)

    I recently knew that Tiger doesn't support iMac, any chance
    that it can with any other programs?

    You are currently running 10.3.9 on your G4 iMac and if so, which specification of your iMac model does not meet the minimum system requirements for Tiger?
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    Hi J-r,

    if you own an iMac G4 this information is plain wrong - all G4 computers DO support Tiger.. Check the Mac OS X: System Requirements, then make sure you buy the retail full install DVD and follow this procedure: 10.4 Tiger Upgrade: Decision tree+Checklist

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    Nvm I just saw in the requirements Tiger page over here that it support iMac G4 flat screen... but why when I try to install it always say me : An unknown error has happen. I tried many times but still doesn't work Anyone know why it still throw me this error?

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    If you purchased a Tiger retail install package, does this error occur while the install disk is checked, while checking the hard drive or during the installation?

    Did you check your boot volume for any directory errors with Disk First Aid repair via Disk Utility when booted from the Tiger install disc before proceeding with the installation?

    If not, disconnect all external peripheral devices first except for a keyboard and mouse. Insert the install disc and select Restart from the Apple menu, not from the install disc.

    At the startup chime, select/hold the 'C" key until the computer boots from the install disc.

    Select your language and at the next Installer selection prompt, navigate to Disk Utility via the Installer menu bar.

    Select Macintosh HD in the drives and volumes window (your boot volume) and under the First Aid tab, select Repair Disk. If any problems are reported and successfully repaired, run repair again until no problems are reported. Repair disk permissions from the same location.

    If DFA repair did not report any errors or if any reported errors were successfully repaired, quit Disk Utility and the focus will return to the Installer.
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    The Tiger CD should have a label which looks like the box it came in . If you have a gray CD, or the CD says Upgrade on it, it is not a retail CD, and can't be used with the iMac. The retail version of Tiger is available for Apple authorized resellers both online and locally on http://www.apple.com/ca/buy/ who sell Macs.
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    Hi J-r!

    The Tiger install DVD that you must use, should look like This One.

    ali b
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    Yes its the retail DVD, I just didn't repaired the disk utilities and disconnected all the USB connections before installing, will try it. Thanks.