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I bought a Mack Book for my wife and set up the email addresses that she wanted, we have had several problems with email but what it is doing now is giving us a "Cannot send message using the server smtp.charter.net" I have tried mail.charter.net, smtp.charter.net, Authentification off then on and still no help. We took it to the Apple store tonight and they thought they had it all set and when we came home the same thing happened. Apple says it's Charter and of course Charter says i's Apple - HELP!

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4), 1.83 GH
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    See if this article provides a solution:


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    What are the other problems you have experienced when accessing this account with the Mail.app?

    Per Charter's website, the SMTP server is smtp.charter.net without using authentication or SSL.

    I take it that there is are no problems receiving messages with the account?

    Are you accessing any other accounts and SMTP servers with the Mail.app under this computer login account?

    If not, try deleting and recreating Charter's SMTP server.
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    Ok guys, I have checked all the settings and they are correct according to Charter. There are 2 accounts set up for this computer, both are pop accounts and here are the details:

    Account Information:
    Account type - Pop
    Description - Her name
    Email Address - Her name
    Full Name - Her Name
    Incoming Mail Server - pop.charter.net
    User Name - Name she et up
    Password - her password
    Outgoing Mail Server(SMTP)- smtp.charter.net
    Server Settings - Outgoing Mail Server: smtp.charter.net
    Server Port - 25
    Use secure sockets layer(SSL) NO
    Authentification: NONE
    User Name - Blank
    Password: Blank
    Mailbox Behaviors:
    Sent - Never
    Junk - Never
    Trash - Move deleted mesages to a separate folder
    Erase deleted messages when: One Week Old
    Enable this account - Checked
    Include when automatically checking for new mail - Checked
    Remove copy from server after retrieving a message: After one week
    Prompt me to skip messages over - blank
    Account Directory: Blank
    Port: 110 use ssl(not selected)
    Authentication: Password

    Another problem is that her emails that she receives are somehow being deleted and we don't know where they are going. We have 3 computers set up in the house 1) desk top hooked up directly to the cable modem and 2) laptops hooked up using wireless(Linksys)1 is my Thinkpad which I have no problems with and then her MacBook we just got and are havng a lot of problems with, Internet wise. That is about all the info I think I have on the settings and problem. She receives but cannot send without receiving the "Cannot send using the server smtp.charter.net" the server response was: Invalid recipient: my email address(which is correct)

    As a side note on my laptop(IBM) my settings are: mail.charter.net for both the smtp and pop - YES I did try that on her to no avail.

    Thank you for your help
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    Description - Her name
    Email Address - Her name
    Full Name - Her Name

    Is this a typo or is her name entered for her email address in the Email Address field?

    We have 3 computers set up in the house

    Is her email account created and being accessed on all 3 computers?

    1 is my Thinkpad which I have no problems with and then her
    MacBook we just got and are havng a lot of problems with, Internet wise.

    Besides the receiving and sending problems with her email account on the MacBook, what are the other problems internet wise?

    Besides deleting and recreating the SMTP server, have you also tried deleting and recreating the account in Mail?
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    Who is your ISP? Is it Charter? Here in UK it would be unusual for a server to let you send mail through it if it were not your ISP - unless it's an account set up specifically to do that. Further, it's very unusual not to have to provide a username (usually given to you by the ISP) and password to send even if they aren't required to fetch.
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    My ISP is charter and all settings are set correctly she has 2 email addresses on her computer. The problem is sending not recieving.
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    I use Charter - no problems here. Apple is not the problem. Since it worked somewhere else, you can assume there are no typos at fault. Do you have any wireless stuff going on, or perhaps some sort of router that could be at fault?
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    I have 3 computers hooked up to the router 1 is directly connected and the 2 others are wireless, I did not think of the router being bad it's a linksys but I sometimes have to unplug it and plug it back in when the internet goes down. How can I determine if it is bad?

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    Well, I honestly can't answer your question. I can only say that the issue is likely somewhere in your network setup. If you provide a detailed description of your setup, maybe someone can point you in the right direction. Just a shot in the dark, are there any ports being blocked by your router?
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    OK guys and gals I have had my brother in law check it out(who is a genious on the Mac) and he ended up setting up an account for her on his server(yes he has his own)and now it is working and the up side is she can receive and send anywhere.

    Thank you for the help anyway
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    Thanks for the help but it took my brother in law to fix it by setting up an account on his server.