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Question: Split view bugs

I'm using the new generation iPad for three months and IOS is up to date.

While I using safari app and youtube or others on split view, almost every moment I have a big issue, so I really want to share my issue and want to know someone has the same thing as mine.

I usually use split view both safari and youtube

Safari is main which is located at left, and the other is right.

After I finish the split, I back to normal view which is one app on screen.

After this, safari app or my I pad doesn't work at all.

Home key or touching the pad didn't work.

I have to reboot the Ipad to hold home and power key.

I have this issue for a long time like two months since I've updated to IOS 11.

I also chatted to apple assistance in my country and she recommended to reset my pad. I reset my setting last week, and the issue is still on mine.

Does anyone has the same the issue with me?

I bought and using the I Pad for three months.

I really want to fix this issue.

iPad Pro Wi-Fi, iOS 11.1

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Question: Split view bugs