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Question: iPhone X

Just picked up the iPhone X and I’m having the GPS signal not found (11) issue. I’ve tried EVERY fix recommended. No problems with my phone 6s+ or 7s and they’re updated. Can’t believe I spent this much money on a DUD. >:-(

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Nov 10, 2017 9:45 PM in response to Jules2963 In response to Jules2963

iOS 11.1.1 is not beta? And Apple recommends that you not install beta software on a daily use phone, since beta software can be inherently unstable. So this GPS error that you see has an error code of 11? Where are you seeing this, and what is showing this GPS error? Can you not locate the phone?

Nov 10, 2017 9:45 PM

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Nov 10, 2017 9:48 PM in response to Jules2963 In response to Jules2963

Jules2963 wrote:

I just joined the Beta program so I’ll update if it works.

  • Never rely on beta software to cure what appears to be some malfunction in released software (or hardware).
  • iOS 11.1.1 has been released. Beta software is not required (and should not be used regarding this issue).

Nov 10, 2017 9:48 PM

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Nov 11, 2017 1:42 PM in response to sberman In response to sberman

I'm hoping to provide data that will help diagnose the GPS issue with Apple phones. Since I've been using them since iphone 3 (and will probably continue) working with Apple seems like a good idea. I have an iphone 6 & 7 so I have a backup phone available.

Nov 11, 2017 1:42 PM

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Question: iPhone X