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Question: static noise through my wired earphones

I get a static noise through my wired headphones (clicks) when using my iPhone 8+ iOS 11.1.1 when listening to music, podcast audio books, or streamed BBC radio. But only when the phone is in my pocket, If i am holding the phone, or its sat on a desk there is no issue. Its not the lightning to 3.5mm adaptor, headphones or connections, I can wiggle the wires as much as i like and not a single noise, but as soon as I put my phone in a pocket I just get a continuous stream of irregular clicks.

I have had other people try it, and its exactly the same for everybody. Its almost as though the phone is picking up static from the clothes and causing a click. We have observed that this doesn't occur if you are stationary, i.e the phone is not rubbing against the cloth.

I don't experience this with bluetooth headphones, only wired headphones. Have tried everything from a £1.99 pair of earbuds, right through to a pair of professional DT100 headphones - its the same for all of them.

Anybody else experiencing this issue?


iPhone 8 Plus, iOS 11.1

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Question: static noise through my wired earphones