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Question: iPhone camera/photo has stopped recognising faces


I've got an iPhone 6s, using the latest iOS, and my phone has developed a mildly annoying problem over the last week or so. It no longer seems to recognise faces in new pictures I take.

Some background :- I'd been on holiday the week prior, and I'd been sorting thru all the pictures I'd taken (the phone occasionally confuses my 2 sons for each other, so have to manually re-assign manually sometimes) , but I think I absent mindedly somehow combined their 2 separate albums into 1 single album, so the phone thought they were one single person I guess? In my effort to fix this, and re-separate them, I removed the one combined album from the phone. However, all this seemed to accomplish was removing the 'face data' for them and since then it stopped recognising their faces completely 😟

I've also noticed since that it doesn't seem to pick up any faces now, the boys, mine or any others on new pictures I take with it.

Anyone know how I can fix it? Remove or reset the face data or something?


iPhone 6s, iOS 11.1

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Question: iPhone camera/photo has stopped recognising faces