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Question: IPad Mini iOS 8.1.2 Suddenly Stopped Sending E-Mail!

Since yesterday, my iPad mini mail app is sending mail to Outbox but not sending it. Tapping the red circle exclamation point does nothing, like popping up an explanation.

iOS is either 8.1.2 or 10.2 depending on where I look. I still can RECEIVE mail, just not send.

I did delete and reinstall my Yahoo! mail account, but no difference.


iPhone 5, iOS 7

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Nov 12, 2017 6:15 PM in response to iKLutzSupreme In response to iKLutzSupreme

About 6-7 hours prior to this typing, the mails stuck in Outbox on my multiple devices have been able to be sent. The issue seems to have been cleared up.

I would have posted this sooner, but heavy traffic to this forum, presumably due to this stuck-in-outbox issue, prevented me from accessing this site until just now.

A visit to my local apple store yielded little help, and my attendant ignored my repeated statement that the inability to send mail was affecting many devices across the country, not just mine.

Thanks everyone for your quick responses and assistance with this matter.

Nov 12, 2017 6:15 PM

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Question: IPad Mini iOS 8.1.2 Suddenly Stopped Sending E-Mail!