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How come iTunes doesn't have a subscription service? They really need one that will work with the iPod. They could smother the competition even more. That is one of the big reasons why some people don't want iPods. I know I will love the iPod even more if all iPods and the iPhone can get a music [and maybe even music video (studios would never lisence TV shows and movies for that)] subscription services. Who thinks this would be a good idea?

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    Previously Apple has indicated that they are not in favor of a subscription service, but who knows things may change. The big problem with subscription services that you might not be aware of is that when you choose to stop paying your monthly fee, your music stops working. Also, most subscription services charge extra if you want to burn anything to disc.

    You may send your feed back to Apple on the following link.


    The other thing I need to add is that since we are simply fellow users like you, we really would have no idea what may happen. Also, any speculation on new products or services from Apple is against the "terms of use" of these forums.

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