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Question: HDMI screen size

When i plug in the HDMI cable to my mac book pro, the mac screen goes really tiny, why and whats the solution? it did not use to happen?

MacBook Pro with Retina display, iOS 11.1

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Nov 12, 2017 9:45 AM in response to tjk In response to tjk

This is not the solution.

My Mac screen is normal sized but as soon as I plug in the HDMI lead to the TV, the Mac screen goes tiny, about 2 inch square, the TV display is normal.

There is an abnormal association between the HDMI connection and Mac screen

Nov 12, 2017 9:45 AM

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Nov 14, 2017 2:47 PM in response to ifmdalvey In response to ifmdalvey

Mirroring forces you internal and external displays to use a common resolution. Sometimes one of the displays must change so much that it becomes unacceptable or drops out entirely.

Turn off Mirroring.

Nov 14, 2017 2:47 PM

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Question: HDMI screen size