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Question: How to disable four-finger swipe in OSX High Sierra?

I want to set a custom gesture for the four finger swipe left/right, but I noticed that four finger swipe was also switching between spaces. So I changed in system preferences, trackpad, "switching between spaces" to a three finger swipe instead of four finger swipe.

Although I have set three finger swipe to be the "switching between spaces gesture", four finger swipe hasn't be disabled and is also switching spaces.

The reason why this is annoying is the face that a made a custom gesture with BetterTouchTool, enabling with a four finger swipe left/right to maximize window left/right. Unfortunately, when I swipe with four fingers, the custom gesture conflicts with the four finger swipe with spaces.

I would want four finger swipe (between spaces) to be completely disabled so it won't happen at the same time as my custom gesture. Because setting it to three fingers in system preferences seems to do nothing.

I hope you can help me 🙂 Many thanks in advance!

MacBook Pro with Retina display, iOS 10.2.1

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Question: How to disable four-finger swipe in OSX High Sierra?