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Question: ITunes voice memo disappeared

Itunes is so annoying that I barely use it anymore, but it is still the place where some valuable voice memos were stored from a previous phone.

I've just updated the iTunes operating system and signed in for the first time in months and found there are no voice memos.

Some of them are valuable interviews with my friend's kid's father, now dead. I really need to recover them. I kept them there thinking they would be safe and I could play them to the kids when they were older. I hate iTunes. But for now I need to love it.

Can anyone tell me how I can retrieve these memos? Syncing phone with iTunes is not the answer as these memos are from a different phone, long gone.

2nd part of question is once I retrieve the voice memos, I'd like to store them somewhere safe (not ITunes) - any suggestions?

windows 10 and latest iTunes OS

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Question: ITunes voice memo disappeared