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Question: Album track list not in order?

Hi all!

I preordered Taylor Swift’s Reputation before its release date, so I automatically got the 4 singles that came before the album.

However, when the album downloaded, the track list was divided into two parts: the singles I got before the album and the songs that came with the preorder.

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Then, I deleted the album and tried redownloading with the hopes of it being in order, but it downloaded everything but the singles that I had gotten pre-album release. So, I decided to go to my “purchased” tab and:

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None of the singles I had gotten before the album were listed ( I checked everywhere - it had no proof that I bought them). This led me to attempt to buy one of the singles and it told me I had already bought it and I could download it for free. Therefore, I could only access the singles through attempting to buy them. Problem is, it still put the album into two sections like before.

I’m just confused, because it is kind of irritating to have an album divided like that. I’m wondering if it’s a glitch happening with more people, or is it because of my Apple Music subscription or maybe because the album tracks (excluding the singles) were “album only”?

Thanks for being patient guys :p

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Question: Album track list not in order?