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Question: Apple Configurator 2 Supervised Mode


Non- Supervised mode

We are deploying iPads with iOS 11 on them. The client is using a POS system with a bluetooth credit card reader. When we pair the the credit card reader everything works great and the app sees the bluetooth devise and processes the card with out error.

Supervised Mode

If we use Apple Configurator 2 (v2.5) and set the device into Supervised mode, with or with out a MDM, the card reader stops working. Im not pushing any profiles to the device. In supervised mode the iPads still sees the bluetooth device and pairs successfully. The problem is in the 3rd party app. The app sees the paired device ready but it gets an error and cannot process the card.

The only change is the iPad is in Supervised mode. Is there something I need to set in a profile for this to work? Or is this just a problem in the 3rd part app? Not sure what is differnent in supervised mode that would cause the app to not gane the access it needs to talk to the bluetooth card reader.

Thank you for any help.

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Question: Apple Configurator 2 Supervised Mode