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Question: iPhone headphone jack issues?

Hello all,

I've been having issues using new Headrush earphones on my iPhone SE - basically when the phone is in the pocket of my coat or certain pants, I get highly annoying static crackles/pops in the audio as I walk, particularly when I'm outside. The problem goes away when I'm standing still, holding the phone, or even touching the outside of the pocket the phone is in. It seems to be the headphone jack rather than the earphones (I tested them on an old iPhone 5 and didn't seem to have any issues), and it seems to be related to the remote channel as well - my Sony headphones work perfectly with it, but I had a different pair of Headrush earphones that had the same static issue; those ones had volume controls on the remote as well, and every static pop would result in the volume lowering. These ones at least don't have that problem, as the remote doesn't control volume, but there definitely seems to be some kind of grounding issue with my phone. The jack appears to be clear of any dust or debris, and has been cleaned out both with a toothpick and with compressed air. Is there any quick way to fix this, or am I going to have to look at taking the phone in for repairs and possibly getting the headphone jack replaced? Or are the earphones just somehow incompatible?


iPhone SE, iOS 10.3.3, null

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Nov 11, 2017 4:35 PM in response to imobl In response to imobl

My Sony headphones with no remote are fine; I don't have any others with remote in working order that I can test with it, but as I said the Headrush ones seemed to work with an old iPhone 5, which if I'm not mistaken would have the same headphone jack as the SE, do they not? It's also two different models of Headrush earphones that had the exact same issue, but I'd had different pairs of the same model without those problems (I've been through quite a few pairs of earphones recently, despite not abusing them at all. Warranty is a lifesaver, but let's just say the next pair I have to buy will be a different type)

I'll continue to test different things and see if I can determine for sure whether it's a phone or earbud issue. It definitely is affected by different materials - not too bad in my jeans pocket, but just awful with khakis for example.

Nov 11, 2017 4:35 PM

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Question: iPhone headphone jack issues?