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Question: Copying images during Preview pastes 2 copies

Since updating to macOS 10.13, when I view images in preview, and I click to Copy a certain photo, when I paste it in a folder, it copies that image file, plus and 2nd copy with a 2 at the end of it. For example, I take a lot of photos, so I open them all at once to view in Preview. I see one I like and want to save in another folder. So while a photo is selected, I do the Copy command, then Paste in a folder on the same internal hard drive and this happens. I thought maybe I had too many photos opened, so I just open a few, same result. Anyone else have this issue, or perhaps there's a new setting in 10.13 I need to change to just copy the single file instead of also pasting a copy of it?

iMac, macOS High Sierra (10.13.1)

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Question: Copying images during Preview pastes 2 copies