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Question: SSD, Time machine & Virtual Machine

Going to install SSD in my mid-2009 iMac along with OWC temp sensor

Looking for opinions in which "order" to do the upgrade to High Sierra.

1) Install SSD, then use time machine back up to restore all files and systems including Virtual Machine, THEN upgrade to High-S?

2) Install SSD, then install High-S via bootable drive, then re-instate files etc via time machine?


Sierra 10.12.6

Parallells 13.1.1

Windows 7 Professional

Look forward to opinions....thx.

iMac, iOS 10.2.1

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Nov 11, 2017 5:18 PM in response to dudelz In response to dudelz

Both options have their own particular advantages. I'd recommend option 1, since you want to assure yourself your Mac is working exactly as it has been, just with the new SSD. Work with it long enough to be sure everything is working as expected, and then upgrade in the usual manner.

Option 2 is perfectly OK also. Before migrating your existing Account from the TM backup, create a temporary User Account with a disposable name, log in to it, make sure HS installs and is working the way you expect, and then use Migration Assistant to migrate your usual User Account. Log in and repeat those tests, after which you can eventually delete the temporary Account.

Nov 11, 2017 5:18 PM

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Question: SSD, Time machine & Virtual Machine