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Question: New Text Message List

Since the new software came out I'm having issues with text messaging and it s very annoying. I was hoping someone could help to see if there is a fix I can do or have to wait on Apple...

I select new message and the "TO:" prompt comes up asking me to enter a recipients name.

When I start to enter "Ch" for example, for Chris. options below appear listing past Chris texts and others as well as other contact names that do not have "CH in the names.

The problem is that it shows past texts with a combination of Chris and others texts first. (Texts that were sent to multiple people, not just a single person) I have to scroll all the way down to find the single contact name for the Chris i want.

The old version made it easy to begin to type in "Chris" and the single contact would be listed first and not texts that included "Chris and multiple recipients.

Please help.

iPhone 5s, iOS 9.3.1

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Question: New Text Message List