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Question: Custom Radio Station CANNOT start after training

I have been using Apple Music for a month after getting my first iPhone, and created multiple radio station from singers I like.

Today earlier I tried to go through the songs in the station, and use the star feature to tag "Play more like this" and "Play less like this". I keep doing this and skipping the tracks in hope of training the station to my liking.

However, after doing this for around 10 songs, the station got blank and I cannot start it anymore. Then I did this to another station, the same happens. I thought that was the phone, but it turns out to happen also to iTunes, where the stuck station cannot be played at all.

There is then NO WAY to remove the station either.

I am pretty disappointed by the fact that Apple can't even make a music app that works. I really wanted to stay with Apple music, but it seems like I just have to go back to Google Play music which I had no problem using for years.

iPhone 8 Plus, iOS 11.1

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Question: Custom Radio Station CANNOT start after training