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Question: iPhone Music App Deleted Music

Bit of a background story: The music app that comes with iphones has always annoyed me. My mom and I have always shared an itunes account. It wasn't until the later years that icloud became a thing, and things getting directly downloaded to your device as compared to having to manually do it from your computer when you have downloaded music. This is especially irritating when music that my mom has downloaded automatically shows up on my phone. I know that I am able to turn off icloud sharing for music, but then I also lose access to all the icloud downloaded songs I want. So for one, if you could tell me how to delete SPECIFIC icloud downloaded songs off of my phone, that would be peachy. Because it has been extremely irritating for a long time, possibly leading me to lose patience with this:

I have a bunch of itunes music that was not purchased from the store, but uploaded to itunes from cd's. These do not show up in icloud. I no longer have access to these cd's, nor the original itunes library which had it all (much older computer, it is gone now). This meant that my only access to this music was on my phone. Which until now, hasn't been a problem. Until my phone (an iphone 5s) today randomly decided to delete ALL of my music, ALL of my playlists, etcetera without me even having touched it - except that which I had purchased. In reference to what I mentioned above, it conveniently left all of my actual purchased items - most of which I don't even want cause it's music my mom had downloaded, although it even deleted my "Purchased" play list for easy access. I had nearly 200 songs not in icloud that my phone decided it was going to delete for me today for no reason.

That being said, I would love to know why this happened, plus any way to recover what I have lost. I am beyond irritated with apple right now, to say the least.

iPhone 5s

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Question: iPhone Music App Deleted Music