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Question: iPhone 6s Lag

Suddenly and without explanation, my iPhone 6s has developed a long lag. I have waited in excess of 10 seconds at times! Today, while plugged into Car Play, the lag actually impacted the performance of the audio system in the car.

Now, there are many threads on many different sites that discuss an iPhone 6s lag. Many describe well, what I am experiencing. But none have the sought-after "solved" tag.

Now I have asked around and there are the conspiracy theorists who diagnosed the problem as "planned obsolescence". He went on to point out that I am a person who takes good care of his electronics and not one who makes such great demands of the device where it is overflowing with apps and their accompanying data.

My point to him was that I couldn't imaging Apple resorting to such tactics.

But I digress...

I'm also noticing that battery power seems to be consumed at a greater rate lately.

So I'm lead to feel that something is running in the background.

Now I've tried deleting apps but when I do, I'm left to feel that I've only deleted an icon and haven't uninstalled the app. Is there an uninstall function hidden in the iOS of which I am unaware that will actually perform an uninstall?

If you could see the condition of this phone, you would agree that there isn't any reason to upgrade. So I am hoping that someone might be able to provide me with some ideas.

I'm running iOS 10.2


iPhone 6s, iOS 10.2

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Question: iPhone 6s Lag