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Question: TV App inconsistent at displaying content

Today I noticed that something has changed in the TV App. For starts, I’ve been subscribing to Showtime through Hulu since the service has offered it. I’ve added shows like Masters of Sex and Homeland to my Up Next que and have been playing them through the TV App now for some time. Today, I’ve attempted to search for a Showtime origonal, SMILF, to add to my que and though I was able to find it, it would not give me the option to open in Hulu. Neither are Showtime shows showing up in the TV interface. All of the Hulu shows I’ve added to my cue are there and are available. Now here’s where things get really interesting. I know that Netflix currently doesn’t support TV on the Apple TV. So technically Netflix media wouldn’t display in the TV interface. However, if you have Netflix installed under iOS 11 on the iPhone and search for Netflix shows, guess what, they’re there. Go for it, search Ozarks from the TV app on the iPhone. Note that it’s even labeled Netflix. Why? What can possibly be different about the two apps that Netflix works on my iPhone but not my Apple TV App where clearly it should be. Also, why would Showtime stop showing up in TV but Hulu still work just as intended. They’re both the same app. It seems to intentionally be filtered out now. PS, I also just tried to upload a screenshot of the TV app and because of the new file format the iPhone X saves images in it was rejected. I greatly appreciate that Apple works so hard to move users forward but the inconsistencies I’m experiencing with this generation of software has been quite frustrating.

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Question: TV App inconsistent at displaying content