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Question: Latest update causing major problems on 6s plus

Just sent this message to Apple iPhone FB page. Doubt it will help, but if we all try, maybe it will

Stop the madness!

“This is a recent fb post after BOTH of my iPhone 6s Plus phones have started having issues. I have 52 comments from

People that also are having issues.

“Has Apple high jacked all of our iPones to make us buy the new models? My iPhone 6s Plus for the office and home are both having issues with battery life, kicking me out of what I am doing on the phone, everything from my calendar, various app's and texts. It's doing it on both phones and I have both up them updated. Anyone else having issues?” Feel

Free to take a look at my page, but my guess is you are aware. Any suggestions to get my phones working correctly again? I’m not buying the X since I’m

Not one of the “rich friends” you suggest people tag in your fb campaign. It’s more than my mortgage.

Dana Kelso”

iPhone 6s Plus, iOS 11.0.3, So many issues I can't name them al

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Question: Latest update causing major problems on 6s plus