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Question: iphone Music app crashes after downloading too many songs

I have an iPhone 7 plus, and after updating to iOS 11, I've noticed that the Music app crashes when I download too many songs.

I have iCloud Music Library, and the songs/albums started out being mostly in the cloud. As I gradually download more of my songs/albums to the iPhone, eventually the Music app will just disappear out from under me. When I restart it, the whole Music app is dimmed out, and the music library is nonexistant. If I go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage, it will spin forever and never display the amount of storage that anything is taking up. That leads me to think that the Music Library is somehow corrupted in storage, and has probably corrupted the filesystem.

The only way to restore things that I have found is to erase the phone and restore from backup. If I try to download songs again, eventually I get to a point where the Music app crashes again.

I've tried logging out of iCloud, then logging back in to see if the library is restored, but that doesn't fix anything.

From memory, it seems that the point of crash is when the Music storage gets over 30GB.

iPhone 7 Plus, iOS 11.1

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Question: iphone Music app crashes after downloading too many songs