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Question: Iphone X Problem Help please.

i Bought a Iphone X "64 gb" on Nov 3rd and everything was perfect i backed up my date and all good after 1 week ! i went to bed to get some sleep so i connected my phone to the charger beside me and i fall asleep and when i woke up i looked at my phone it was shown the apple logo with black screen it's frozen nothing i can do to solve the problem so i went to apple website and i followed the instruction i hard rest my phone and still didn't work so i hard rest it so i can update or restore my software by using itunes and the update didn't work so i had to restore my phone and this one worked and the phone was back On like new but i lost so many new date 😟and numbers i got in the last 2 weeks ! so my question is why did that happen to my phone ? it's a new brand phone i paid in full why did that happen to it? i was so upset it never happened to any of my iPhone before i had 5s and 6s now X happend to it 😟yeah one more thing before i went to bed there was a new update for the software launched by apple it was 11.1.1 i updated it and the phone was turned on again everything was okay then i went to bed so i dont think that was the problem please help me tell me why did that happen to it !?

iPhone X, iOS 11.1

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Nov 12, 2017 12:14 AM in response to Ahmad.AlQaisi In response to Ahmad.AlQaisi

Hi dear iphone X user. You mentioned that before the iphone crashed you performed a update to ios 11.1. Before you made the update to 11.1 did you set up your mobile as a new mobile or did u use a backup? I made the expirence to avoid using backups with any new iphone. Maybe after u used a backup and installed ios 11.1 something got corrupted and made your mobile crash. If u did not use a backup and you did setup your mobile as a new mobile and the crash happened keep a eye on it. If it happens again take it to a apple shop and let them take a look at it.

Nov 12, 2017 12:14 AM

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Nov 12, 2017 1:09 AM in response to from0toHero In response to from0toHero

No when i bought the phone on nov 3rd it was already ios 11 and i upgrade it to 11.1 but that was when i bought it .. the problem happened was yesterday 11/11 when apple launched ios 11.1.1 i upgrade it didn't take much time because it's just small upgrade i guess and i went to sleep and... Yes when i bought the phone on november 3 i backed up my date using itunes from my old iphone 6s.

Nov 12, 2017 1:09 AM

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Question: Iphone X Problem Help please.