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Question: while updating my apple watch to 4.1 it failed to verify due to not connected to the internet

So here is what it took for my watch 3 to be updated to 4.1. Every time I would try to update my watch I would get a verification failed due to not connected to the internet... did this several times on different networks same result. so yesterday i took my watch to the apple store in Lenox Mall in Atlanta.. they were busy, any way I waited the 2 hours to be seen. I sat down at the class table and watched 2 very informative classes. the last class there were only 2 people in so the teacher asked if there were any questions, He said Any Thing Apple... so i told him my problem.. he checked what my phone was doing i brought my charger for my phone and watch.. we tried on the Apple network.. guess what Verification failed... he tested my phone 6s plus and it was connected to the internet. so knowing i had been there for a while he checked to see where i was on the list. was not 2 min from that the check in advisor said i was up that someone will be with me shortly. 1 minute later i got help. I told him what i was there for and proceeded. First we checked that i was indeed on the apple network and on wifi... so we proceeded to go through the process again Verification Failed.. so we un paired my watch from phone.. turned them both off. rebooted the phone. rebooted the watch and tried again... Verification Failed not connected to the internet. so he suggested update my phone iOS fresh...Updated my phone.. the watch was off we unpaired and paired up again. tried the update. it also failed..another Tech came over suggested we erase the phone erase the watch and start over... luckily i had a fresh back up on the cloud just yesterday. After we erased the phone and watch we proceeded to reload the phone Fresh new back to factory setting for both the watch and phone.. we re paired them both again same result.. i had them really scratching their heads.. they talked about sending my watch to have it checked but realized it was more software than hardware... another Tech suggested we try a new phone. So they opened a new phone with out a sim card.. got it on their network and proceeded through the pairing of my watch to the new phone... the new phone started downloaded the soft ware update... Finally Progress...the update verified and installed on my watch with no problems it took about 3 hours for this whole process...while the update was going on i continued to set up my phone like i had it since we did a fresh factory reset.. The Watch finished the update so we unpaired the watch from the new phone.. I re Paired the watch to my Phone and it worked flawlessly YEA!!!! the whole process took from 11:30 am from me entering the store to 5:30 pm leaving the store with my watch updated finally.... I hope i don't have to go through that again.. Put the Apple employees were great They Helped me out and did not want me to leave until i was extremely happy with a working product... Thanks you Apple,, Thankyou to Apple store at Lenox Mall in Atlanta... for not giving up on a problem and working it all out... and to Tim Cook... War Eagle!!! Your employees kept me well informed on how the Auburn VS Georgia Game was going... Love being a Mac Geek... War Eagle!!!!!

WATCH SERIES 3 (GPS + CELL) ALUM 42MM, iOS 4.1, verification failure

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Question: while updating my apple watch to 4.1 it failed to verify due to not connected to the internet