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Question: iphone x

I have been using iPhone's and iPad since 2007 and since iPhone x has been released i would like to know why apple don't make the control center easier to use instead of swipe down from top right corner i would prefer it if apple makes the swipe down gesture from the bottom right corner to be easier since i am left handed & also to add the battery percentage icon either inside the battery icon or on the notification screen or the raise or tap to wake screen so i can know how much battery percentage i am using which would be really helpful and useful

please make ios software updates to fix these issues As Soon As Possible and to fix the problems with the green line on the side of the iphone x that everyone is talking about

i am very keen and looking forward to buying the iphone X but if these problems are not solved i would either have to buy iphone 8 Plus or a android Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ which i would not look forward to switching from ios to android

regarding my control center option from the bottom right corner instead of the top it should be added inside the settings option to let the user choose which option he or she prefers and recommends and the same goes for the battery percentage option either in notifications, Raise to wake or tap to wake should have the battery percetage use should be added inside the settings options like android does for the Samsung Galaxy Range.

i donot know why apple is taking forever to fix these issues with a simple update

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Question: iphone x