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Question: Doubt about AirPlaying to Apple TV

Actually, I live in India. I've not yet bought an Apple TV and going to buy an Apple TV soon.

So, before buying, I had some questions.

1. What about Amazon Prime Videos app? Is it available in the tvOS App Store?

2. Is it possible to AirPlay from a Mac or iPhone signed into a different AppleID than the one to which Apple TV is linked?

3. Does it work on Mobile HotSpot? I get speed of around 3~5 MBPS.

4. Is it possible to use iPhone signed into different AppleID as Apple TV Remote using TV Remote App on the App Store?

5. Does AirPlay require Internet connectivity or WiFi is just for connecting Apple TV with the AirPlay Sending device?

6. Is it possible to AirPlay Videos in YouTube Offline and/or Amazon Prime Videos offline? Can I stream them without Internet? I can have WiFi connectivity, but, is it possible without Internet?!

Please answer my questions...

Thank You in advance...

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Nov 12, 2017 8:32 AM in response to Niteesh 342692 In response to Niteesh 342692

1. No, Amazon have not released an app for TVOS yet. Note: content availability also varies based on location (Apple ID)

2. Already answered in your other thread

3. 3-5mbps isn’t enough to stream HD content, you need at least 8mbps. 4K needs even more. Also, your carrier would throttle your connection once a certain threshold is reached and using a mobile hotspot for long term ATV use is in violation of their fair usage agreement

4. Already answered in other thread

5. Airplay itself only needs wifi, but the App you are using would need an internet connection when streaming content

6. Netflix downloads don’t support airplay so I would imagine the same is true for those. Once downloaded you would only be able to view them on your phone (without internet). Note: itunes downloads do need internet when using airplay as they need to ping the server for verification

Nov 12, 2017 8:32 AM

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Nov 12, 2017 9:23 AM in response to Niteesh 342692 In response to Niteesh 342692

Hi Niteesh 342692. If your objective is to view video content from your iPhone on a TV screen, you might also look at the Apple Digital A/V Adapter. It represents a simpler solution to this problem. Warning: this adapter contains a computer processor. Be very wary of 3rd-party substitutes. And get the latest version, which includes a charging port.

Nov 12, 2017 9:23 AM

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Question: Doubt about AirPlaying to Apple TV