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Question: Umm...where did the Apply Rules button go?


I'm enjoying MacOS High Sierra!

However, as usual, there are a few hiccups with the Mail program.

One in particular drives me nuts!

I've got a zillion rules saved so that when an email arrives it goes into a folder where I can read it whenever I want. That helps to keep my Inbox folder relatively clutter-free.

After upgrading to High Sierra, when editing an existing rule (adding an additional email address to that rule), the Apply Rules button doesn't appear. So the rule that I just edited doesn't go live. It exists, but it is in limbo...patiently awaiting the next High Sierra upgrade which hopefully the Coder-in-Chief has signed off on to resolve this issue.

I wonder...does Tim Cook use Mail? Does he use rules? Has he noticed that they don't work? Hmmm.....

Please fix this!


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Still there.




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Nov 12, 2017 9:08 AM in response to Robin Bonathan In response to Robin Bonathan

Hi Robin,

Thanks for your reply.

Upon further examination:

1. Adding a rule yields the Apply Button (never any doubt here).

2. Editing an existing rule results in either excluding the Apply Button or including the Apply Button.

Umm...hold on...after editing multiple existing email rules, the Apply Button is appearing on all of them.

Robin, what kind of miracle worker are you? I know you pressed a magic button somewhere. Don't deny it!

Whatever you did, it worked! 🙂


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Nov 12, 2017 9:08 AM

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Question: Umm...where did the Apply Rules button go?