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Question: My phone died after visiting genius bar. (no solution)

I always thought that genius bar was a hospital for my iphone.

That was why I purchased apple care when I bought my macbook pro about one month ago.

It is like I have an insurance for my health.

However, my phone died yesterday when I was visiting genius bar for my battery issue.

I got my phone from my husband. It was the phone & phone number he was using, but it was totally ok because my husband had to use the phone his company gave him.

My phone recently has a battery drop issue, so I made a reservation to see a "phone doctor" at genius bar.

The guy at genius bar helped me to fix it, but he said everything was ok, so there was nothing they could do.

Another day, my phone battery dropped too quickly, so I made another reservation.

Same thing happened again. Nothing was wrong, and he said if this happens again, I have to change my battery at cost of about $99.

Then I was about to leave, but he said "Let me reset your phone in case this is a software issue."

I upgraded my phone a couple of days ago with a hope that it might help my phone's battery issue, so I had a backup at home, so I said I do not need my phone to be reset. I also even said that if that is the same reset that I do at home, then I would do that at home. However, that guy at genius bar said it was a different reset, so he would do that for me.

After 10 minutes, my phone was resetted, but it did not activate with the screen showing "SIM does not support"

I found out that my phone was not unlocked properly at the carrier (Rogers), and it was unlocked at the random unlock place in a shopping mall. He said it was the reason my phone did not activate with my SIM card.

The manager came out and said, because of their policy they could not do anything for this un-activation issue on my phone.

My phone unlocked at an unauthorized place, so they will not do anything to solve this issue.

I went to the genius bar to solve my battery issue, but now I left the apple shop with the unactivated phone which is useless. I went to Rogers to ask the activation, and they said by December 1st, they waive the activation fee which is $50, so wait till then.

The apple store manager treated me like I had to know their policy that they cannot do anything with an unauthorized treated phone.

I felt like I went to a hospital with heart issue, and had a surgery without knowing any side effect told, and died because I had a nose job in different clinic where cardiologist does not authorize. Then I was told because you did not tell me that you had a plastic surgery history, you have to deal with this death issue. The hospital policy does not support anyone who has "unauthorized surgery."

Do I have to be aware of the apple policy that they cannot solve any problem with the phone treated unauthorized place without being told?

In hospital, I believe that they have to let every patient know the side effect and anything that can be happening during and after surgery. The apple genius bar is a clinic for my phone. However, I was not told anything about this activate issue if my phone was reset.

I really did not know that apple wants to consumer know their policy without telling them.

I only remember the manager kept saying "On their policy, apple cannot do anything".

so here I am, went to the apple shop to fix my battery issue on my weekend, and no phone at all.

iPhone 6s, iOS 11.1

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Nov 12, 2017 10:30 AM in response to Katelyn_K In response to Katelyn_K

To be fair, I would be more upset with myself & the people who misled me on the activation of the device, if I were in your shoes.

Always read your terms & conditions for any company you do business with. That is our responsibility just as it is theirs to follow them, as he did at your Appt.

Take care

Nov 12, 2017 10:30 AM

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Question: My phone died after visiting genius bar. (no solution)