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Question: Parental Controls broken?

I'm have a fresh install of High Sierra and am trying to configure Parental Controls for my son's account. The time limits work fine, however I am seriously struggling with restricting the apps in the Allowed Apps list.

  1. Firstly the Allowed Apps list do not list my installed apps. I have an obscure list of Other Apps and the Utilities folder. To work around this I have to drag and drop the app into the list which then shows the app in the list.
  2. When I then login to my sons account and launch the app I am prompted for Always Allow or Allow Once. I click Always Allow and the app launches.
  3. Now if I logout and log back in I am again prompted for Always Allow or Allow Once. This would be the same behaviour for an app that is not listed in the Allowed Apps list.

What I need is to be able to white list apps that are installed on my machine. Is this something that's possible in High Sierra or do I need to resort to 3rd party tools?

Mac mini, iOS 11.1

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I was informed by Apple that my bug is a duplicate of bug 20024192.

So there you have it. Confirmation that this is a open bug.

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Question: Parental Controls broken?