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Question: hulu app crashes when trying to login with itunes account

I recently tried to set up Hulu with no commercials on my Apple TV. I went through the iTunes account and created a subscription, however, every time I go to the Hulu app on my Apple TV and chose the Restore option to sign in with my iTunes subscription, it spins connecting to iTunes and I get an error 'Request Failed' and to contact Hulu.com/support. That site gets me nowhere, I've done all the trouble shooting they have suggested and I get the same thing. I have NO ISSUES with any other app or feature of my Apple TV, including my Showtime subscription. I called Hulu and they made me go through all the troubleshooting again and then told me to contact Apple.

It appears as though there are issues with the latest Apple TV, but they don't match this issue and I don't have the latest model.

I have an A1469 with iOS 7.2.2(8015), which it says is up to date.

I downloaded the Hulu app to my phone, but am unable to login because I don't have a username and password other than my iTunes account, and it won't accept that.

What is the problem here?

I have canceled the subscription through iTunes because I have spent more than a week trying to get it to work and it won't.

Given that it appears to be trying to connect to Apple, and that the error is Request Failed, it seems to be an issue with the Apple side of things. I had hoped that resetting my iTunes on my PC would help, too, but that doesn't work, either.

Since the split between the App store and iTunes, I'm wondering if there is an issue that it can't confirm this account because the app and the subscription service are now accessed separately. I had no trouble setting up the Showtime subscription, but that was way back in April, prior to the iTunes change.


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Nov 12, 2017 3:51 PM in response to thorium234 In response to thorium234


I signed up for a Hulu account online and I got an error saying it can't connect right now. No matter what I try, I get that response, even though everything else works fine. I tried logging in using the Hulu app on the Amazon TV stick and it works perfectly.

This is definitely an Apple issue.

And 'upgrade to the newest Apple TV' is not the right answer.

First and foremost being that it apparently doesn't work on the newest one, either.

Apple clearly has an issue with the Hulu app on its TV OS, regardless of what version of software or hardware you have.

Nov 12, 2017 3:51 PM

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Question: hulu app crashes when trying to login with itunes account