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If you can't use AirPlay or mirror your device's screen

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Question: AirPlay in iOS 11?

Hi, I’m confused about using AirPlay to send stuff to my Apple TV from my iPad using iOS 11. Specifically, I want to AirPlay episodes of The Simpsons from the FXNOW app. The app doesn’t seem to support AirPlay directly, so I want to use the Control Center on the iPad to initiate AirPlay. Before iOS 11, as I recall, the Control Center gave the option to use "regular" AirPlay or to turn on AirPlay "Mirroring." Now it seems that only the latter is available. This confuses me, because prior to iOS 11, I would almost always use "regular" AirPlay, not AirPlay Mirroring. I am able to get The Simpsons to play on Apple TV via AirPlay Mirroring, but I’m still wondering if there is a way in iOS 11 to use the "regular" AirPlay method I am more accustomed to. Thanks in advance.

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 11.1

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Question: AirPlay in iOS 11?