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Question: Using itunes in my AUDI A5 car Amazon Echo

Can anyone help.

I have a very large itunes library consisting of old uploaded CDs, purchased downloads and some obtained from the apple music subscription service. Most of it is classical and over the years I have made playlists for each composer (so about 100 playlists so far). As part of the apple music service my entire library and playlists are stored in the cloud.

At home i use a windows 10 laptop with itunes and everything is synced to my iphone and ipad.

I have just bought a new car and although my phone connects effortlessly by bluetooth switching between playlists is dangerous whilst driving as it doesnt show on my dashboard screen (it only shows the track currently playing).

I have an old ipod classic that i can connect to the car via a cable which then does show all the playlists and their content, but an ipod classic wont let me sync songs obtained from the itunes music service, even though i can download a hard copy of them on my windows PC.

I could buy an ipod touch, which im told will sync everything which i can then connect to the car with a cable, but is there a way I can transfer my entire library AND playlists to an SD card that the car will then use as its music source ?

On a similar note is there a way to get Alexa (Amazon Echo) to also use my itunes library and playlists.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thank You


iPod classic, Amazon Alexa

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Question: Using itunes in my AUDI A5 car Amazon Echo