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Question: Setting up extrnl hard drive to use Time Machine Software

I have a macbook air with Yosemite . I am setting up a 'Lacie" external hard drive to use for storing my back up files.

I want to be able to use the 'Time Machine" software from Apple to run my backup process.

At the beginning of the 'Setup" instructions the drive manufacturer instructs to download it's Intego Backup software and advises you that you'll be installing that software later in the setup process. I assume that they're referring to some proprietary software for backup .

If I want to use the Time Machine software should I

1. Just ignore the instruction , NOT download the manufacturer's software and complete the rest of the process?

2. Download the software but not install it


3. Is there way to download and install the software but use the time machine software instead?

MacBook Air (13-inch Mid 2013), OS X Yosemite (10.10.5)

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Nov 12, 2017 5:13 PM in response to irisfromrockville centre In response to irisfromrockville centre

Ignore the LaCie instructions. Just point TimeMachine at the LaCie drive and it should do the rest, including reformat the drive so that it is the correct "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)" format file system (also known as HFS+ format file system).

If for some reason TimeMachine does not offer to reformat the drive, and does not accept the drive as is, then you would use Applications -> Utlities -> Disk Utility to reformat the drive so it is "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)"

Nov 12, 2017 5:13 PM

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Question: Setting up extrnl hard drive to use Time Machine Software