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Question: Finder locks up with iconservicesagent and large files

I'm running into consistent issues with locking up while iconservicesagent is running.

Some disks and network drives I connect to have large media files ( greater than 10GB), and it appears that iconservicesagent constantly tries to read the entire contents of multigigabyte files from disk or a network share.

I have attempted to disable icon preview in the Finder "View Options" menu, and have set this to default on my disks. However, iconservicesagent is relentless, and continues to read through these files.

When this happens, becomes unresponsive (beachball). As far as I can tell, the kernel_task is trying to read multiple gigabytes of data over my network share. If I attempt to kill or iconservicesagent, they simply restart and continue where they left off.

I have not found any log entries from iconservicesagent indicating a potential issue.


- Is there a way to permanently disable iconservicesd on my Mac?


- Running High Sierra 10.13.1 on a MacMini6,2

Mac mini (Late 2012), macOS High Sierra (10.13.1), null

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Question: Finder locks up with iconservicesagent and large files