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Question: iPhone 6S is s l o w

With all the excitement of the release iPhoneX, I’ve patiently waited for Apple to release a relevant update to make my iPhone6S operational again.

I fear that my perfectly functional and trusty iPhone has become a ‘brick’ courtesy of the most recent Apple iOS upgrades.

Granted I’ve been an early adopter of software upgrades without major side effects, but I made the leap to iOS11.

This one really missed the mark and it hurts.

Where's the iOS fix for the rest of us?

My phone is now a ‘POS.” (Edit as you see fit.)

Everyday things that Apple made easy and were taken for granted are now realized with this last major update. Basic of the functions of the phone (email, messaging, listening to music or podcasts, camera functions, browsing and actually using the phone to make phone calls…) are dreadfully slow or non-functional. This is also compounded by the unresponsive or delayed feedback when tapping information on the screen. Absolutely horrendous and I am shocked by the quality control of this update.

Very disgruntled Apple customer since 1987


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Question: iPhone 6S is s l o w