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Question: after installing high sierra os lost my usb keyboard. can somebody help?

I updated my os to high sierra but once the computer rebooted I cannot use my USB keyboard!?

Can somebody help, please?

iMac (27-inch, Late 2013), macOS High Sierra (10.13.1)

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Nov 16, 2017 5:41 PM in response to Roby5312 In response to Roby5312

Hi Roby5312,

Thanks for reaching out to the Apple Support Communities! It sounds like you are having issues with your USB keyboard after upgrading to macOS High Sierra and I would like to help you to resolve this matter.

As a first step, I would like to ask you to disconnect and reconnect the keyboard and then restart the computer. If there aren't any changes, then please review the following article:

If your Apple keyboard doesn‘t work
Pay attention to this section:

Steps for a USB keyboard

First, check your device's USB connection. If the tips on that page don't fix it, try these steps:

  1. Unplug all devices from your computer, including any connected mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner, camera, iPod, external hard drive, and hub.
    Some devices, like iPod, might require you to perform steps before it's safe to unplug them.
  2. Plug your keyboard and mouse back into your computer firmly and securely. Make sure that the connector is completely in the port. (USB plugs fit into ports one way only, and won't plug in if you try to insert them upside-down.)
    If you have a Magic Keyboard or Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, also make sure that your Lightning to USB cable is securely connected to the Lightning port on the back edge of the keyboard.
  3. If your keys still don't work, try plugging your keyboard in to the other USB ports. Be sure to try them all. Check to see if the keyboard's Caps Lock light turns on when you press it, and try typing in an app like Notes or TextEdit.
    Magic Keyboard and Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad use a Lightning to USB cable. Make sure that the cable you're using is the one that came with the keyboard, or is a Lightning to USB cable that you know is in working order. You can try a different Lightning to USB cable to test whether the cable is causing the issue.

Other tips for fixing issues with your USB keyboard:

If the steps provided don't resolve your issue, it would be great if you can share what happens if you try with a different USB keyboard? Are you type anything at all or only some keys won't work?

We look forward to hear the results.

Hope you have a great day!

Nov 16, 2017 5:41 PM

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Question: after installing high sierra os lost my usb keyboard. can somebody help?