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Question: Creating Shared Editable Image

I am trying to create an encrypted image file of a set of folders that I can share with another user (user1 and user2) on the same macbook- so that either of us can open the image and edit files in it.

I have tried all kinds of options for the image (including read/write .dmg, sparse and sparsebundle)- I make a writeable image, and I have changed all the file permissions within the image to be read/write for the two users. I put the .dmg in /Users/Shared so that both users can see it.

User1 creates the image.

When user1 mounts the image, user1 can mount it and edit the files on it.

When user2 mounts the same image, it appears that user2 has read and write permission to everything in it, but is unable to- a message "you can only read" appears above the permissions part of the "get info" dialog - even though user2 clearly has read & write permission.

Any ideas on how to create this image so that both user1 and user2 can edit the files in it? I do not (and should not have to) want to recreate a new .dmg each time the other user wants to open the image.

MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013), macOS Sierra (10.12.6), null

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Question: Creating Shared Editable Image