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Question: iOS11 cellular, GPS & clock problems

I have a range of problems after upgrade to the new iOS.

1) I randomly get a message that I have lost cellular connection, even though I have full bars. Typically I will be working on my phone, in the midst of work my phone starts acting as if it has lost connection, though bars remain the same and I am not moving.

2) All my apps using GPS are acting weird. For example, using Apple or Google maps, the display often thinks that I am a couple hundred yards off my location; Also when traveling the map often shows my direction of travel as 90 degrees off the direction I am actually traveling.

3) Randomly my lock screen shows no clock.

This OS feels like a disaster. This is why people are often wary about accepting new updates.

I want out.. can I go back to the previous OS? Or when can we expect this OS to stabilize?

iPhone 6s, iOS 11.0.3

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Nov 12, 2017 9:51 PM in response to mkokok In response to mkokok

There is no way to go back to a previous version, Apple does not sign iOS 10 anymore and once you update there is no going back. This isn't something that I see on any of my devices and they are all updated to iOS 11.1.1 and the symptoms that you are describing has not happened on any of them. I haven't heard other people mention anything about it either so something may not have gone correctly during the update of your phone. That being said, it may not stabilize if it isn't something that is seen on more than one device. You may have to install iOS from a computer with iTunes by having it restore your phone which it will download it again, and then install it on your phone again which may fix your issues. You'll want to make sure you back up your phone first so that it will keep all your information after you do the restore.

Nov 12, 2017 9:51 PM

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Question: iOS11 cellular, GPS & clock problems