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Question: Request pre-sales advice: AppleTV4g or AppleTV4k

I currently have an AppleTV3g, iPad Pro 9” and a low-end Vizio HDTV. I have a modest library of iTunes media, and I use the Apple Music service a lot.

The AppleTV3g (as you know) has been abandoned and deprecated by Apple Inc., so now I am planning to buy a newer AppleTV...ah, but which one?

My Vizio TV’s max resolution is 1080p. I am not sure of its max refresh rate. I would rather not upgrade to a newer TV right now. I like to watch HD movies and use Netflix and PBS Passport and other streaming programming.

If possible, I would like to know when Apple Inc. plans to retire the AppleTV4g. If I could get one and a half years of use, I do not think I would complain.

Will the AppleTV4k work well (or at all) with my Vizio TV? Willl it downsample 4K-HDR and its ilk to 1080p at all or well?

If I do not want to play video games, do I need more SSD storage than 32 gigs?

For both the AppleTV4g and AppleTV4k: will the HDMI cable and the input on my TV set that worked with my AppleTV3g still work?

I hope I have asked my questions clearly enough.

Apple TV 4K

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Nov 13, 2017 1:36 AM in response to subnaught In response to subnaught

the 4k will work like that the 4g will work on a tv which only support 720p so just at a lower resolution

which would in your case make the 4k behave like a 4g but with a white circle around the menu bottom on the remote.

about storage then only games really use local storage all other apps pretty much stream content from internet or your own network (with apps like plex and vlc)

Nov 13, 2017 1:36 AM

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Question: Request pre-sales advice: AppleTV4g or AppleTV4k