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Question: Brand new MacBook Pro 15" 3.1GHz 1TB

Hey all

I'm just using my MacBook for two weeks. This machine replaces my 3 year old MacBook Pro 13"

Of course it's a lot quicker (but not lightyears) and very sleak.

But I noticed that programs like Final Cut Pro X 10.3.4 are very unreliable on my new MBP.

My old MBP had a lot of work with apps like FCPX and Motion 5 but it looks like my new MBP doesn't like them at all. Sometimes the magnetic timeline doesn't work and it is not loading content. Restarting the app is the only thing that works. Sometimes 3 times. I never had that with my old MBP.

I run the original MacOS 10.13 where my old Mac runs beta's

I hardly run 3rd party apps on my machine(s) but this is just not good.

My mail is acting funny (still see mail from my bank as spam). The mail sorting is a nightmare.

The machine gets warm quicker then my old MBP.

For now, I paid €4000,00 for a machine that cannot yet replace my old "slower" Mac.

Not yet convinced....

Anybody noticed the same thing??

Ps, this is my third MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro TouchBar and Touch ID, macOS High Sierra (10.13.1), 3.1GHz - 1TB

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Question: Brand new MacBook Pro 15" 3.1GHz 1TB