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Question: crashes on some PDF file

I recently upgraded to High Sierra. One problem I've found right now is with When I open the PDF, High-Performance-Caching-NGINX-Plus.pdf, it crashes. I've tried many times and found out that it will crash on the very first page (graphic), but if you scroll down to mostly text page, you'll be able to read for a while. weird really.

I also find that crashes randomly (with other files) while it worked flawlessly under prior OS.

This file works fine on Android (with Kindle), Windows (with Adobe reader).

Here is the crash log: crashes always · GitHub

Any help would be appreciated.

note: This is the file I'm talking about. Dropbox - High-Performance-Caching-NGINX-Plus.pdf

MacBook, macOS High Sierra (10.13.1)

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Question: crashes on some PDF file