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Question: Proper 4k60 support in iMovie, please

First of all I'd like to say what a great job I think apple have done of implementing 4k60 video in the new iPhones. It looks fantastic and HEVC is definitely the way forward in terms of format. I love it.

But I was a little surprised to find that support for it in iMovie is either missing or less than ideal both in iOS and in OSX, so I've sent some feedback to apple via the official feedback pages and I'd urge anybody that feels the same as me to please do the same, so I'm pasting what I sent below in case anybody else wants to add their voice too.

And I'm starting this thread as a kind of petition, almost, so people can chime in here too if they like, or just post "+1" or "submitted" or whatever, just to get an idea of numbers perhaps. Just wanted to have one central place for the general idea of proper 4k60 support in both versions of iMovie, rather than it coming down to specific help threads.

I submitted feedback both on the iOS version of iMovie (category = enhancement request) and also on the OSX version of iMovie too, using the same text.

Link to feedback page for iOS version of iMovie:


Link to feedback page for Mac OS version of iMovie:


Here's what I said. Feel free to copy and paste or change bits to suit yourselves:


Hi Apple. The 4k60 video in the new iPhones looks amazing and is a great feature. I'd really love to be able to edit my videos in iMovie and keep all of that brilliant quality, so I'd really love to see the following features appear as soon as possible, please:

1. (Most important) Ability to export 4k60 videos keeping quality as close to original source as possible, ideally same codec, same frame size, same frame rate, same colour space, and if possible same GOP structure to avoid re-encoding as much as possible.

2. Clear and easy-to-understand labels and options that show the current format in the timeline.

3. Clear and easy-to-understand labels and options for export formats. I'm aware that sometimes in the iMovie apps for things that are 30fps it doesn't bother to say frame rate at all. EG sometimes it just says "4k" instead of "4k30" or it says "1080p" instead of "1080p30". I think these days, with the number of formats available it's really important to be clear and concise with labelling.

Thanks for reading, really hope to be able to shoot, edit and export with minimum loss of quality in or frame rate very soon in Apple products/software.

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Dec 26, 2017 12:24 PM in response to Torshen In response to Torshen

Long story short. I know iMovie better than I know my wife - I’ve been working with it for the last 7 years. I run 3 YouTube channels - all edited with iMovie.

There is a serious issue with 4K60 and 1080p240 files recorded on latest iPhones. iMovie sees them and will process them, but when it gets to exporting clip - it will not go above 4K30 / 1080p120.

For a short time I was using Yi 4K+ camera that records 4K60 clips and - surprice/surprice - iMovie WAS PROCESSING it’s files in 4K60! Yi 4K+ does not use HEVC coded - maybe that was the case.

Going back to iMovie - can someone from APPLE actually tell me, when will we get ability to fully process HEVC files in iMOVIE and EXPORT our clips in 4K60 / 1080p240?

Is this the point, when we have to switch to Final Cut Pro? (yes, my trial version of Final Cut Pro DOES export in 4k60 / 1080p240)?

Dec 26, 2017 12:24 PM

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Question: Proper 4k60 support in iMovie, please