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Question: exclude archive inbox in mail search

Hi everyone,

I'm having some hard times using Apple Mail app.

I've got around 8 mail accounts having multiple folders each.

In the Mail app it looks like this:


  • Account 1
  • Account 2
  • Account 3...




  • Account 1
  • Account 2
  • Account 3...

On My Mac

Account 1

  • Mailbox A (dir or label in gmail)
    • Mailbox 1
      • Mailbox X
      • Mailbox Z
    • Mailbox 2
    • Mailbox 3
  • Mailbox B
  • Mailbox C

Account 2

Account 3

I do organise my email manually by using drag&drop and flags.

But.... searching fails.


1. A new email arrived to Inbox->Account 1

2. A copy has been created in Archive-> Account 1 as my Archive is connected to Gmail -> All Emails IMAP folder

3. I drag the email to Account 1->folder->some folder...

4. Search for email content and got results from Archive -> Account 1 folder only

If I select the Account 1 -> top level folder on the left side menu I do get the email in the search results


Its not possible to select "Account 1" only the subfolders

  • Mailbox A
  • Mailbox B
  • Mailbox C

So I'm not able to perform a search on A, B, C at the same time.

Is this a bug?

I've been trying to use the Smart Folders to exclude the Archive but Its not possible to save such filter -> gives me an error that the Query is incorrect.

Will Airmail3 give me an option to perform a search on multiple folders/accounts excluding certain folders?


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Question: exclude archive inbox in mail search