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Question: Can not get a pre-ordered ebook to download

On Oct 3 or 4 2017 I preordered the ebook DEEP LISTENING by Jillian Pransky. On Oct 10 the book was available in iBooks to purchased. Onlike other preordered ebooks this book did not convert from preordered to purchased. There has been no payment processed by Apple for the payment of this ebook. The current process/status does not permit me to purchase the book, in fact it showed up as purchased, however it will not download.

So it appears that I’m stuck in no mans land where I want to purchase the ebook but somehow something needs to be reset to allow the purchase. None of my devices will allow the purchase (iPad iPhone iMac).

Any help would be appreciated.

Steve B.

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Question: Can not get a pre-ordered ebook to download